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Personal Digital Consultant

Get your voice out there to inspire the entrepreneurs and get exposure of your business.

Be Your Own Boss

Do you want to start your own personal digital consultancy business?

To create a structured business that is ready for success takes time and money, without the guarantee of a proven concept and brand. We fast track personal digital consultant on the right path to owning a business with the proper structure, a proven brand, and a full management team.

As an independent digital consultancy business owner you have to design programs, run classes, train clients, create advertisements, market your business, attend networking events, write blog posts, send out press releases, submit articles, update your website, keep records, manage your books, pay your bills, and so much more. You may be able to do it all for a while, but in time it will take the fun out of being a digital professional.

The less time you need to manage your business the more time you have to earn money doing what you do best – digital consultancy. Outsourcing the work to professionals in each respected field is a smart solution to freeing up time and keeping the business running smoothly. We help consultant provide a professional service with a full management team to achieve better results than 1 owner/operating can.

Let us work for you!

"Saxxom" Brand
The power of the recognized brand for digital business consultancy in Singapore will bring instant recognition and credibility to your business.

Proprietary Technology
Our industry-leading technology makes it easy to manage your business from virtually anywhere in the world. Just log on to any computer with an Internet connection and you can check on your team, run reports and order your marketing materials with the click of a button.

Marketing Tools & Exclusive Promotions
Our marketing and public relations makes it easy to turn everyone you know into a potential customer. With innovative web, email and community strategies that work on behalf of your business, you and your team will build relationships with every interaction and eventually, create customers for life.

Initial & Ongoing Training
Our dedicated training and support will be with you every step of the way to help you get your business up and running. With ongoing support and plenty of professional development opportunities along the way, we’ll help you ensure your business continues to grow.

Corporate Support Team
Our Corporate Support Team is dedicated to the success of your business. The customer care team is answering all inquiries 24/7 while the marketing, public relations, technology and finance teams ensure the system is running smoothly behind the scenes.